Wellbeing Program

Stockdale Road Primary School has a comprehensive Student Wellbeing Program featuring a designated Student Wellbeing Officer.  We work closely with community organisations and local health practitioners to achieve the best outcomes for our students.  We currently have a range of allied health practitioners who attend the school weekly to support interventions for students.

The aim of our Student Wellbeing Program is to provide evidence-based support to students and families so that they can maximise their experience at Stocky.  In our team we have a designated Wellbeing Officer who provides on-the-spot support to students and long-term, case-managed interventions.  Our Principal team play a significant role in the Wellbeing of our students, as do the Education Department’s experts from the Student Support Services team

Our school focus of “Building Strong Relationships” is based on attachment theory; specifically, the Secure Base Relational Model from the University of East Anglia (England).  We focus on the domains of availability, sensitivity, acceptance, co-operation and membership as a means of helping students to feel safe, happy and to have a strong sense of belonging when they are at school.

A popular initiative introduced in 2018 is our Breakfast Club supported by Foodbank Victoria.  We also partner with Eat Up to provide lunches for students and our connections with Eat Up and Foodbank also

Stockdale Road also accommodates a Medicare Accredited Psychologist, who provides in-school talk therapy and play-based therapy to students who need a little extra support.  She plays an instrumental role in helping teachers and support staff understand the needs of our students, so that we can adapt our practices to meet their needs.

Other initiatives include our Sensory Pathways and Proprioceptive Activities, and our proactive advocacy within the community service sector to improve referral pathways and other opportunities for our students.