Welcome to Stockdale Road Primary School, or as we like to say Stocky Road! At Stocky our vision is to build strong positive relationships to deliver excellence in teaching and learning. The staff at Stocky work together as a Professional Learning Community to improve student outcomes. We work collaboratively by meeting weekly to analyse student assessment, develop and plan learning, set goals for our students and monitor and reflect on the effectiveness of our teaching practice. We take a collective responsibility for all of our students, not only their academic outcomes but also their health and wellbeing. This approach means that all teachers in a year level know all of the students.

Stockdale Road Primary School has a comprehensive Student Wellbeing program that uses evidence based strategies to support our students. The Wellbeing Team works with Professional Learning Teams to create strategies for calmer classrooms and also for individual students who are experiencing challenges at school.

Here at Stocky Road we use the mastery concept of teaching by breaking down the learning content into smaller steps. Teachers clearly define the learning intentions and students work through the learning in sequential steps with the support of their teachers aiming for a high level of success. Those who require extra support are provided with a range of intervention strategies the include same-day intervention, pre-teaching of content and peer support.

Our Instructional model is based on the evidence-based Gradual Release of Responsibility model. We begin each begin each lesson with retrieval practice. This is where we review and practice skills the students have already been taught with the support of their teacher. This is the students’ time to practise these skills so they don’t forget. The students then listen to their teacher explain the new learning for the day. The teacher calls this “I do”, meaning the teacher does it first whilst the students watch and listen. The teacher gives clear explanations about the new skills they are learning and provides them with examples. The teachers always check-in to see if the students understand before they move on. They then have the opportunity to practise the skill with their peers and teachers. We call this “We do”. We have a go together with the teacher there to help provide feedback when needed. Once the students show their teachers they understand they then proceed to Purposeful Practice or “You do”, where the students practise on their own. During this time the teacher will continue to help those who need a little more support or time to master the skill. They may also work with students who have already mastered the skills to provide opportunities for them to extend their thinking and learning or to move them on to the next step.

In literacy, for the Junior years, we have adopted the ‘Sounds-Write’ program to teach students how to read and spell. This evidence based phonics program teaches in simple steps how the sounds in our language are represented by the writing system. We teach children that the sounds they use in every word have been assigned spellings or codes. We then teach these codes to help them read and write.

We promote a love of reading by immersing students in stories and texts daily. We visit our library once each week where students have access to fiction and non-fiction books that they can borrow to take home to read. It’s also another calm and welcoming space where teachers and students can share stories with each other.

Students participate in a Specialists program each week. The physical education program incorporates a range of motor skills activities and the development of sports related techniques and skills. It provides students with an opportunity to participate and build their knowledge in a variety of individual and team sports and also focuses on students working together and supporting each other as a team. Students also have opportunities to represent Stocky Road at Winter Sports, District Sports, Cross Country, Tennis, Basketball and Swimming.

In the Art room at Stocky we encourage children to be create by providing opportunities to explore a range of materials and experiences. We draw, paint, sculpt and use textiles and clay to create a variety of art works in which children can express their individuality and their imagination. The Stocky Art Room is a fun place to visit.

Stockdale Road’s Digi-Hub has some impressive technology. Students attend for an hour each week where they learn how to use different software programs on laptops, iPads for education, a number of different robotics including blue-bots, M-bots and Alpha-robots. Students also learn how to code using Bloxils and Scratch. The Digi-Hub is open to students during some recesses and lunch times with activities being run by the Digi-Hub leaders made up by the senior year levels.

Teachers at Stocky are well-equipped with visualisers, state of the art interactive smart tvs and interactive whiteboards to support learning in the classroom using a multi-modal approach. Students have access to technological devices such as laptops, iPads and cameras to research information and present their learning in a variety of different ways.

To support and promote student advocacy and voice we highly value our leadership program here at Stocky. Our student leaders at Stockdale Road have an integral role within our school. They act at a critical link between students and staff consulting and communicating students’ ideas and opinions and deciding and implementing new initiatives. There are many opportunities for students wanting to pursue a leadership role or a role with responsibilities such as Junior School Council, Library Team, Transition Leaders, Enviro Team, Art Team and School and House Captains.

At Stocky we plan our Prep transition program with the aim of providing transition into school as seamless and welcoming as possible. We understand that if students are familiarised with their environment, know what to expect and have a positive, fun experience the transition to school will be a great one. The Prep teachers visit the local preschools to introduce themselves to the enrolled students and take some time to get to know them in their learning environment. Our Stocky transition leaders come along to the preschool also, to introduce themselves and to become a friendly face to our new Prep students. Towards the end of their preschool year we host some afternoon play sessions where parents and students can come along for a play in the playground to become familiar with our Prep teachers, the school environment and the other new Prep students. The transition leaders are there to support the children and to continue to develop positive relationships. Then in 4th term the students will attend 4 transition afternoons where they will experience a little taste of what school is like to prepare them for the following year. When the new year commences the Prep students will attend school at reduced hours for the first few weeks, finishing at 1.30pm each day.

Stocky Road is a Positive Behaviour Support school, meaning we actively teach students how to behave positively. This is supported through our Expectations and Supports matrix. This documents what is expected at school and provides a visual for all students to refer to.

At Stocky we aim to maintain consistency of approach from Prep to Year 6 so learning year to year is seamless.

Thank you for getting to know us here at Stocky. If you would like more information or an enrolment pack please contact our friendly office staff. Enrolments are now open. We hope to see you soon!