In 2018, Stockdale Road Primary School began to implement explicit instruction for the teaching of Mathematics. This year, every class is teaching mathematics in this way. Explicit instruction is an effective form of teacher- led instruction. It is a collection of instructional practices combined together to design and deliver quality learning sequences that explicitly teach content to all students. It follows the ‘I do, we do, you do’ model’, which means that;

  • The teacher fully explains and models the skills and strategies to students before they begin to practice by themselves.
  • Next, students put the learning into practice with teacher guidance and partner work. This means that teachers can pick up and address misconceptions or confusions quickly.
  • Then, once the students have demonstrated that they are ready to practice independently, they practice the skills to embed the learning.

Explicit instruction is a highly interactive teaching model. Teachers use questioning to ascertain whether the students have grasped a concept and use this knowledge to move forward with the teaching or back track and re-explain concepts if needed. Asking questions also provides real-time feedback for both teachers and students.

This year staff have worked tirelessly on writing Mathematics learning sequences based on the Victorian Curriculum, ensuring that all students have access to high quality teaching and learning.

Stockdale Road Primary School has dedicated a leading teacher to continue to work with teaching teams across the school to develop understanding of this model for the teaching of Mathematics. Some of the ways this is achieved is by:

  •  Using the explicit instruction model when teaching a class of Year 4 students each morning.
  • Teaching a range of students across other year levels throughout each week.
  • Working with teachers to write learning sequences that show clear progression of mathematics content across and through all year levels (Foundation to Year 6).
  • Providing support for teachers in the implementation of the model in their own classrooms.