At Stockdale Road Primary School in Traralgon, we take an enthusiastic approach towards Physical Education and value the contribution it has within our school community.

The Physical Education program is developed with a focus on developing fundamental motor skills which children will then be able to apply within different contexts. Children participate in a program where they are exposed to a variety of different skills, games and teamwork activities.

Perceptual Motor Program

This program aims to give our Prep students a greater understanding of their perceptions through experience while also developing their fundamental motor skills. The program provides a foundation for children at the beginning of their schooling to build upon and allows them to become familiar with the process of Physical Education.

District Sport

Our school provides opportunities through District Sport for students to participate in a range of sporting events competing against other schools within the region. We encourage our students to be involved and support their sporting goals by providing opportunities within the school curriculum to develop and practice these skills so they can achieve their goals.

These sports include: swimming, athletics, cross country, golf, football, cricket, soccer, T-ball, hockey, basketball, netball and tennis.


Year Level Physical Education

Our program incorporates the Victorian Curriculum standards from the Australian National Curriculum and is sequential in developing skills from Prep to Year Six.


Prep children are all part of the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) when beginning school. PMP is designed to begin the development of balance, hand- eye co-ordination, spatial awareness, body control, turn taking and the process involved in Physical Education. The children will further their fundamental motor skills (FMS) through the year as they focus more fully on improving their skills. In Prep they will be exposed to many new games where they will learn to play fairly and follow rules.

In Year 1 and 2 children continue to build upon the foundation they have gained from Prep. We focus on students working together in small teams, showing honesty when competing in a game, following rules and executing skills with the correct technique. Students continue to focus on their FMS, while beginning to apply these more frequently in games. They are provided with the opportunity to experience Athletics for the first time, trying discus, shot put, javelin, hurdles, long jump, relay races and a range of running events. Throughout the year they are encouraged to work more in teams and to communicate effectively with team members.



The senior students complete a unit of Athletics where they refine their skills in discus, shot put, javelin, hurdles, long jump, relay races and a range of running events. They are expected to show mastery in many of the fundamental motor skills they have developed throughout their primary years and apply these in a sporting context. SEPEP is an integral part of our Physical Education program in the upper years with a season of sport played in our sessions. The season incorporates students being responsible for scoring, umpiring, coaching, statistics, reporting and playing, providing them with a real life sporting team environment.


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