Life Education

The Life Education Program is an integral and innovative program which is conducted at Stockdale Road Primary School. The program features:

  • Specific workshops for each class in the Mobile Learning Centre
  • Manuals for teachers and booklets for students, linking to the Wellbeing curriculum
  • Parent information sessions which outline the Life Education modules
  • The mascot ‘Healthy Harold’

The program aims to assist children with the knowledge and life skills to make informed choices throughout their formative and adult lives. The Life Education Van comes to the school yearly.

Each class has a session in the Life Education Van. Preps, One and Two have a one hour session, and the Years Three to Sixes have a one and a half hour session. As part of the program, each child is given a booklet relevant to the module selected for the grade level each year. The booklet helps the students to be prepared for the workshop and to have follow up sessions by the classroom teacher.