On Friday 30th April 2021 we held a fundraiser – Hoodie Up for Autism” to raise money for “Amaze”, a charity that supports students with autism. Our entire school community wore a hoodie to school and just before recess put their hood up to show they understand and support autistic people. Some of our students were really brave and spoke in front of the whole school to explain what autism is, and the challenges they face. They did any amazing job!

During 2020 and restrictions with COVID-19, our school made this video for Hoodie Up for Autism. Amaze were really impressed with it, this is what they had to say on Facebook:

How awesome is this #HoodieUp video by Stockdale Road Primary School?!
Junior School Councillor Merryn is a passionate advocate for autistic children and young people. Like the rest of us, due to remote learning and working from home in April, her school was unable to celebrate Hoodie Up day in April.
The school is planning on having a #HoodieUp day in Term 4, but in the meantime we’re enjoying this video of Merryn and her merry band of Stocky Staff dancing to Can’t Stop This Feeling.
Thanks for the support Merryn and everyone at Stocky Road Primary! 🧡