Medical Conditions

It is very important for the school to have accurate and up to date information on your child’s medical and personal details, including emergency telephone contact numbers, in the event they are needed at short notice in an emergency.

Parents are required to complete a Medical Management Plan for children who have:

  • Asthma – Asthma Action Plan for children who are Asthma sufferer.  Please refer to our Asthma Policy for further information.
  • Anaphylaxis  – Anaphylaxis Action Plan for children who have a servere allergy.  Please refer to our Anaphylaxis Policy for further information.
  • Other Medical Conditions – a Medical Management Plan for children with any other medical condition that requires monitoring (i.e. diabetes)

Children may be required to take medication when at school.  The school has a Medication Authority form  that should, ideally, be signed by the student’s medical/health practitioner for all medication to be administered at school but schools may proceed on the signed authority of parents in the absence of a signature from a medical practitioner.