Enrolments to our school can be made at the school office during office hours.  All student information is confidential.

Enrolments to our school can be made at the school office during office hours.  All student information is confidential.  Informing the school about court orders or medical conditions (see below) is very important to help us cater for your child’s needs.

On enrolling children for Prep we require proof of date of birth. This can be in the form of a birth certificate or passport plus an Immunisation Certificate.  You can download an enrolment form here.

Parents can legally defer enrolment for their child until the child is six years old. Your child needs to have turned 5 years old on or before the 30th April before he/she can legally start school.


Medical & Personal Details

It is very important for the school to have accurate and up to date information on your child’s medical and personal details including telephone contact numbers.

Parents are also required to complete an Asthma Action Plan for children who are Asthma sufferers.  You can access the Asthma Action Plan here.

Please refer to our Asthma Policy for further information.

Medication at School

Children who are ill should be kept home, however, your child may return to school whilst still taking medication.

The school also has a Medication Authority Proforma and should, ideally, be signed by the student’s medical/health practitioner for all medication to be administered at school but schools may proceed on the signed authority of parents in the absence of a signature from a medical practitioner.

Emergency Information

It is extremely important that the school be notified immediately of any alteration to information, which may be needed at short notice in an emergency:

  • Home address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Emergency contacts
  • On-going medical problems

Parent Payments

The Stockdale Road Primary School Council has set the following fee schedule for all students for 2019.  It is as follows: –

Fees Include:

  • Items which students take possession of, including books and stationary.
  • Materials for learning and teaching where your child consumes or takes possession of the finished articles (for example, Maths teaching materials, Art supplies and materials for Developmental Curriculum, including colour paper).
  • Programs provided by outside specialists (Including Life Education Van, Health & Human Relations Sessions Years 4 to 6).
  • Student computer printing beyond the needs of the key learning areas.

Our current fees are $240 per child.

Family Payments

Stockdale Road Primary School now offers a Bpay option when paying for Fees, Camps, Excursions etc. Each family has their own unique BPay number, so if you are wishing to use this method of payment, please contact the General Office to obtain your BPay code.
If you do not wish to use the BPay option the school accepts cash or cheque only.


Lost Property & Personal Belongings

In order to reduce the amount of lost property at school please ensure your child’s school uniform, school bags, lunch boxes etc are clearly labelled.

Any unnamed items found at school are placed in Lost Property.  Items that are lavelled are given to the child’s teacher for return.

Valuables, which are found in the school are kept at the office and advertised in the newsletter, (but are not recommended to bring to school).

Personal Belongings

Please be aware that if your child wishes to bring something special along to school (eg, toys) it should be clearly named and it is the responsibility of your child to look after it. The school cannot accept responsibility for any valuables brought to school.

Mobile phones are not allowed at school unless authorised by the Principal. The phones are placed in a basket prior to school at the office and the children can pick the phones up at the end of the day. 

Lunch Procedures & Lunch Time Activities

Lunch Procedures

Children eat their lunch in their classrooms between 1.30pm and 1.40pm. The school encourages parents to provide a healthy lunch for their children and to ensure that lollies and junk food are kept to an absolute minimum.

Lunch Time Activities

A range of teacher and student run activities take place most lunchtimes.  These activities may include:

    • PALS (Peers as Leaders)
    • Library sessions
    • Art sessions
    • Scrapbooking club
    • Organised sports & games
    • Dance
    • Play Pod
Basketball Cricket Bat Tennis Footy
Extreme Spotto Gar-Gar Knitting Library
French Knitting / Colouring Gardening / Cooking Problem Solving The Arts
War Hammer Lego Science Wood Work
Building Play Pod Bike Ed Disco
Digi Hub Mine Craft iPads Robots
Photography Leadership Voice / Agency

School Crossing

To ensure the safety of students walking to school there are a number of school crossings that students and parents are strongly encouraged to use.  These crossing are maned by supervisors from 8am-9.30 am before school and 2.30pm-4pm after school.

School Banking

To be advised.