When enrolling your child in Prep the following information is required:

Your child must be 5 years old on or before the 30th April before he/she can legally start school.  A parent can legally defer enrolment for their child until their child is 6 years old.  Enrolments can be made at the school office during office hours.  You can download an enrolment form here.

All student information is confidential.

School Uniform

Stockdale Road Primary School has a compulsory school uniform which is neat, comfortable and cost effective.

It is available for purchase from Beleza School Uniforms. Please download our school uniform policy  for further information.

Parent Payments

The Stockdale Road Primary School Council has set the following fee schedule for all students for 2021.  Fees include:

  • Items which students take possession of, including books and stationary.
  • Materials for learning and teaching where your child consumes or takes possession of the finished articles (for example, Maths teaching materials, Art supplies and materials for Developmental Curriculum, including colour paper).
  • Programs provided by outside specialists (Including Life Education Van, Health & Human Relations Sessions Years 4 to 6).
  • Student computer printing beyond the needs of the key learning areas.

Our fees for 2021 are $255 per child.

Fees can be paid by BPay, cash or cheque.

Extra curricular activities that incur costs include camps, excursions, swimming, visiting performances and other special events which can also be paid by BPay, cash or cheque.

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School Crossing

To ensure the safety of students walking to school there are a number of school crossings that students and parents are strongly encouraged to use.  These crossing are manned by supervisors from 8am-9am before school and 3pm-4pm after school.

In keeping with State Regulations, the area surrounding Stockdale Road Primary School has a 40km/hr speed restriction from 8-9:30am and 2:30-4pm.

For further useful information for new parents please click here.

Transition Programs


Our Prep Transition Program is the beginning of your child’s journey to school, where they will have many opportunities to learn about our school and begin settling in.

At Stockdale Road Primary School we run an extensive transition program aimed at making your child’s pathway from pre-school to school a seamless experience. Our goal is to have students who feel happy, safe and excited about school from day one of the school year.

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Grade 6

Our students transition to a number of secondary settings and we are in regular contact with these schools during their transition process to ensure a smooth transition.

Year 6 students will have the opportunity to visit their secondary school during Term 4 to familiarise themselves with the new environment, procedures and begin to build new relationships with secondary staff and their peers.  Information regarding this process will be provided to parents throughout the year.