All students in years 3-6 attend a weekly Specialist Science class for 60 minutes.

The Science Specialist program provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Explore the world around them

  • Discover new findings

  • Observe using their 5 senses

  • Predict what might happen

  •     Conduct a range of experiments 
  •     Undertake a number of small science research projects



Find out what has been happening in the Science area by going to our Specialist area Newsletters Page.


Through investigating the three science strands:

  • Science Understanding :

    •    Chemical Science
  •    Biological Science
  •    Physical Science
  •    Earth & Space Science 
  •   Science Inquiry Skills
  •   Science as a Human Endeavour


The major science curriculum focuses are taken from The Victorian Curriculum:

  • Years 3–6: Recognising questions that can be investigated scientifically and investigating them.