play for life pod

The Play for Life Pod stimulates and enhances ‘self-directed’, creative play opportunities for kids.

The Play for Life Pod is a modified shipping container or ‘pod’ full of high quality ‘loose parts’ play materials. These are clean, manufacturing offcuts, otherwise destined for landfill, only recycled for use in the Pod and can be anything from old car tyres, to cardboard tubing, milk crates, steering wheels, used keyboards and telephones, to fabric and dress-ups – the list is endless.

The Play for Life Pod is delivered into primary schools in order to stimulate and enhance ‘self-directed’, creative play opportunities for kids, increase their physical activity and support their behaviour and learning in school. This physical resource is accompanied by a trained Play for Life ‘Playworker’ who works with the school community and parents to ensure that the opportunities for rich and productive play are optimised at school and also at home.

All children from all year levels can benefit from the Play for Life Pod by:

  • Learning through play, which is aligned with Government policy and curriculum changes, including oral literacy, readiness to learn and school readiness

  • Seeing a reduction in bullying

  • Seeing a reduction in anxiety associated with the playground and subsequently returning to the classroom happier and more open to learn

  • Improve critical and problem-solving skills

  • Increased in physical activity, decrease in childhood obesity levels

  • Equity: ‘loose parts’ play materials enable all children to join in

  • Social inclusion and resilience building: small or large mixed-age and mixed gender groups form around the Play for Life Pod

  • Risk: the Play for Life Pod encourages children to assess and manage risks for themselves