personalised music tutoring

The school also offers solo music lessons in Piano & Keyboard and Guitar.

Piano and Keyboard

Piano and keyboard lessons are available during school hours. Lessons are provided by well known professional musician and music teacher Anton Fullerton. Anton is a reputable teacher with over 28 years local teaching experience. Specialising in contemporary and improvisational styles with a focus on fun, Anton will match his teaching program to the individual student. Classical tastes are catered for with formal AMEB syllabus and examinations.



Guitar lessons are offered during school hours and on school premises with renowned professional performer and guitar teacher Leigh Thomas. 

Leigh has many years experience in teaching particularly with primary school students and caters for individual needs and tastes of students. Leigh prefers to use a combination of formal training and contemporary music, with a friendly, fun approach.

Lessons are conducted weekly, on a term by term basis. Positions are limited, so please call Leigh on 0438741641 for enrolments or more information.