personalised learning

Our approach to teaching is through the belief that all children are unique, that is "not all children are ready to learn the same thing at the same time, in the same way".

Stockdale Road Primary School embraces the key concepts of Developmental Theory and the Australian Curriculum.

We look to create teaching environments that:

  • Recognise the unique stages of development and provide appropriate experiences

  • Engage children in relevant and meaningful learning to which they can relate

  • Ensure we engage both boys and girls by recognising their differing elements in their development and approaches to learning

  • Provide hands on, creative and concrete experiences

  • Provide a seamless approach to delivering curriculum Prep to Year 6, linking literacy and numeracy to all learning

  • Highlight the child in relation to their social and emotional development and learning

  • Provide an environment that reflects and respects the children's needs, interests, ideas and strengths

  • Provide an environment that promotes open ended learning

  • Promote the sense of individual choice and belonging

  • Provide learning environments both inside and outside

We believe this will concrete our aim to develop 'life long learners' by developing self regulating, respectful and motivated individuals. We employ Kathy Walker and her associates to support and mentor our staff in all aspects of implementing developmentally appropriate practice that assists us in differentiating the learning for our students.