teaching & learning 

Stockdale Road Primary School embraces a strong learning culture for all. 


School leaders and team facilitators are instrumental in designing and facilitating whole school professional learning, which is stongly based on current research. The work teachers engage with in professional learning is strongly connected to DET and school priorities.

Teachers meet regularly as a professional learning community (PLC) and professioanl learning teams (PLT) looking  at student data and planning highly effective teaching sequences. Setting and achieving goals is reached both collegially and individually.

Identifying and making strong links to build teacher professional knowledge, practice and engagement means teachers at Stockdale Road Primary School have a repertoire of effective teaching strategies and are continually refining how to use them to implement well designed programs.


developmental appropriate practice coaches

The staff at Stockdale Road Primary School on their journey to effectively implement personalised learning in an authentic way.

Our work includes assisting staff members with:

  • making links across the curriculum and developing learning using an holistic approach

  • developing learning environments which inspire, provoke and excite

  • honouring the interests of students and encouraging and developing a love of learning

  • tuning in for the learning of the day and authentic reflection time to highlight meaningful links across all curriculum areas