the arts

The students attending Stockdale Road Primary School have the opportunity to experience a range areas within the Arts.

visual arts

Through the Visual Art program students will be exposed to the following areas of art education: painting, drawing, printing, collage, textiles, modelling and construction. Students will also explore the elements of art: line, shape, space, colour, pattern and texture.

Students work in a supportive environment where they are encouraged to develop their individual skills, techniques and processes to create 2D and 3D art works.

They have the opportunity to explore different mediums, make decisions, problem solve, experience challenges, interact with their peers, respond to their own and others’ art works and self-evaluate. Students constantly build on their self-confidence and develop their creative thinking throughout their journey in the Visual Arts program.


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student digital portfolios

Each student has an individual Digital Portfolio. This is updated throughout the year. When a student graduates they are presented with a copy of their Visual Art work that reflects their artistic journey from Prep to Year 6.



Drama classes enable the children to express themselves through words, gesture and body language and teach them confidence to get up in front of their peers and perform their own and others’ pieces of work.

They learn to respect the work of their fellow classmates and give constructive feedback on how they can improve their work and progress to the next level. Basic stagecraft techniques are taught in a safe environment where the student can explore the different drama conventions and principles in order to enhance the message or idea they are trying to convey.



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During Music classes students learn how beat, rhythm, dynamics and pitch are used in different genres of music. Students experience and create music by learning to play tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments, creating music that reflects a theme or emotion and producing sound effects to compliment their drama performances.

They learn to read melodies and rhythms on a range of instruments and by using their voices. Singing forms an integral part of the Music programme, with many of the elements coming together to communicate historical and cultural information.




Dance and movement are prominent in the grades prep to two programs to help with their spatial awareness and co-coordination and gives them an outlet to express themselves and read other peoples body language.

For students in the senior half of the school, dance is more about exploring formations that can be created with their bodies and expressing themselves by dancing to music. They will learn to critique and comment on dancing and movement performed by others.


Students get a chance to study Media from both a creation and an analytical point of view.

The children of today are influenced by many forms of Media such as advertising, television, internet, etc. and through investigation students get an opportunity to decipher what media means for them and the effects it has on their life and our society.


Stockdale Road Primary School currently has a senior choir for grade 4-6 students, which performs at the local eisteddfod.

school concert

At the end of each year, all children from the school participate in a concert which is performed at the Traralgon Sound Shell and is a highlight of the year for many of the children, parents and relatives.